Cyrillic alphabet in Europe
   The European mission of the Bulgarian media. A view from Rome

Date and Place

The Third World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media will take place on 19 – 23 May in Rome, and the Vatican, under the patronage of Prime Minister Sergej Stanishev.

The Tradition

Traditionally, the Media World Meetings gather at places with a substantial number of Bulgarian residents and Bulgarian media. The First World Meeting took place in Sofia, in 2005, and the Second one – in Chicago, USA, in 2006. Following the tradition, BTA decided for the Third World Meeting to be held in Italy.

The Meeting in Rome, the Vatican

This year the media forum has the ambition to enlarge its format.  
It will take place in the context of Bulgaria’s membership in EU and will lay a stress upon the Bulgarian-Italian cooperation not only in the media field, but in the field of culture, economy and politics, as well. 

Besides the problems of contemporary Bulgarian journalism in the world, the topics of Christianity and the Bulgarian alphabet joining the large European languages family will also be discussed. Numerous parallel cultural programs, including concerts and exhibitions will be performed over the days of the Third World Meeting of Bulgarian Media.  

The biggest event of the Forum will undoubtedly be the audience to be granted by His Holiness Pope Benedict  XVI in St. Pietro circle, on 23 May.  

The Participants

Traditionally, participants in the Meeting will be Bulgarian media from all over the world, state institutions, and representatives of the Bulgarian and the Italian business. Italian and world media in Rome are expected to show large interest in the event, since it’s the first time Bulgaria has entered into partnership with a counterpart information institution – the Italian News Agency, ANSA.

So far, Bulgarian media staff from over 22 countries in the world have confirmed their participation.

Patron of the Sofia Media Meeting was former Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, while the Chicago Meeting in 2006 took place under the patronage of Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov. Both previous meetings were attended by ministers, diplomats, businessmen and media experts.  

The Agenda

Alongside with the work sessions of the Meeting, numerous cultural performances are being planned to take place on 19-23 May, 2007.

19 and 20 May are the days for parallel cultural performances, while 21 and 22 May are to be the working days of the Meeting. The Audience by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is expected to be granted in the morning of 23 May.


2007, BТА